8 Ways to Prep Yourself for Summer


This year, the summer solstice will mark the official start of summer on June 21st. However, the weather has already started to warm up, and many places will feel like summer long before the end of June. If you’re already thinking about warmer days, here are eight things that you can do to prep yourself for summer, from getting a sensitive skincare kit to stocking up on sunscreen:

Refresh your Wardrobe.

With summer on the horizon, it’s time to pull out all your warm weather clothing and evaluate your closet. Try everything on and make a pile of things that no longer fit either your size or style; you can either donate them or sell them through online thrifting platforms. Take stock of what clothing is left and make a note of what you already own so that you’re not tempted to buy duplicate products while you’re out shopping. If you feel like going the extra mile, put together some potential summer outfits and take pictures of them so you’re prepared if you get a last-minute invite.

Plan Out your Summer Calendar.

If you already have trips planned, or some events that you want to attend, go ahead and put them in your calendar even if they’re a few months away. By planning ahead, you’ll ensure that you have plenty of time to prepare and won’t have to rush yourself or pack in a hurry. After all, nobody wants to have to run out and get a new swimsuit for a beach vacation the day before they depart, or pay for expedited shipping on a skincare travel kit so that it will arrive before they have to leave.

Phase in New Skincare Products.

The thick creams and heavy serums that saved your skin in the wintertime can clog your pores come summertime. As spring comes to a close, now is the perfect time to start switching out your heavy winter skincare products for lighter summer ones. If you’ve never used the products before, try to only switch to only one new product at a time and give yourself at least a week before introducing yet another product to avoid overwhelming your skin. If you time things right, your summer skincare routine will be in full swing before the weather gets too hot.

Try out Lighter Makeup.

If you wear cosmetics, then you know how the summer heat and humidity can make a full beat melt off your face. If you normally wear a lot of makeup, then early summer is the perfect time to start experimenting with a simplified routine. For instance, making you decide to hold off on wearing contour or switch your foundation for a tinted moisturizer until the weather cools off. Look for makeup products that have a more lightweight, liquid texture that will wear well in the heat. Prioritize products that are mattifying and waterproof, which will stand up better to sweat and water

Start an Exfoliating and Moisturizing Routine.

Having a regular exfoliation practice can help your skin soft and glowing during the summer. Aim to exfoliate your face and body two to three times a week if your skin can tolerate it. Every time you exfoliate, follow it up with a moisturizer or lotion to seal in hydration. Exfoliation can be rather drying for the skin, so it’s important not to do it too often or to skip the moisturizer. If you do get sunburned, skip exfoliating until your skin is completely healed and just focus on moisturizing for the time being.

Upgrade your Hair Routine.

Between sand, sun, water, and chlorine, your hair really goes through it during the summer. You need a quality shampoo that will clean away dirt and debris without stripping it, and you also need a good conditioner that will restore moisture to your hair and keep it healthy and shiny. You might also want to consider using a once-a-week mask for deeper hydration and conditioning. If you swim regularly in chlorinated water, also consider getting a swim cap to protect your hair from the chemicals, which can change the color of your hair.

Pamper your Feet.

Unless you’re the sort of person who wears socks with sandals, then your feet are going to be on display this summer. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to pamper your feet a little bit, either with an at-home pedicure or with a professional treatment at a salon. Wash your feet, exfoliate away any rough patches, and moisturize them thoroughly. Clean and trim your toenails and consider painting them with nail polish if that’s to your liking. Since your feet will be exposed to the elements a lot during the summer, you might want to establish a foot care routine every week or twice a month to keep them looking and feeling good.

Stock up on Sunscreen.

You should be wearing face sunscreen year round, even in the wintertime, and it’s a good idea to up the SPF protection in the summer if you will be outside more. You should also pick up a body sunscreen that you can use whenever you go to the beach or the pool. If you still have sunscreen from last year, check the bottle to see if it has expired; if the date has passed, then toss it and get a new one. Don’t forget to also grab sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and UPF clothing to protect your skin as well.

Are you ready for warmer days, or do you already miss cooler weather? What else are you doing to prep for summer this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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